Sandal Shopping Guide

As we’re getting closer to Spring, we know that most of you can’t wait to finally get back into sandals. As you’re shopping our site for a pair that will give you the best comfort features possible, here are some guidelines to keep in mind for the three most common foot problems.

  1. Pronated Feet – If your feet turn in as you walk, this is called Pronation. For most people the three most important features you should be looking for are good arch support, a wide base (which you can check on our product’s bottom view picture), and some degree of heel elevation to slightly restrict the range of motion of the affected joints. Some great walking sandals for this season that include these features are the Wolky Alula, the Waldlaufer Hanni, and the Taos Desire. For dressier looks, try the new Vionic Lizbeth, the Dansko Joanie, or the Taos Festival.
  1. Heel Pain – If you experience heel pain, the combination of great heel cushioning, arch support to take weight off the heel, and a slight heel lift will usually be the most comfortable. Try the Waldlaufer Hanni, the Wolky Twinkle, and the Alegria Kleo as great walking models, or the Vionic Enisa, the Vionic Alanis, and the Taos Gala for more refined styles.
  1. Metatarsal Pain – If you have pain on the ball of your feet, a shoe with good cushioning, a slight platform and some arch and metatarsal support usually give you the best combination of comfort features. Great new styles to try on include the Alegria Colette, the Wolky Twinkle and the Dansko Drea.

As always, if you have any questions about anything to do with the comfort features of our products and how they relate to your feet, email me at and I’ll be happy to help in any way possible.

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