Comfortable Transitional Shoes by, FitFlop, Taos and Juil from Sole Provisions

You’re staring at your shoes not knowing what to wear because the weather is just not right outside. We’ve all been there. It’s still too cold for sandals and you are tired of wearing those clunky boots. What you need is a comfortable shoe to usher in spring while keeping your feet warm during the remainder of winter.

 Taos Untold Teal The Untold ballet flat from Taos delivers ultra-soft leathers with an elastic gore to provide a great fit. Offering a flexible, durable rubber outsole for a comfortable feel all day long.


‘The Cap Toe’ from our newest brand Juil is another great choice. A classy patent leather cap toe adds pop to this lightweight ballet slip on. Featuring copper dots in the sole that helps keep your body balanced and connected with the earths surface.  Juil The Cap Toe Nude


 Fitflop Sunny Rio Pink From FitFlop we have a new fun loafer in a pallet of colors. The ‘Sunny’ is a canvas loafer that gives you the style you need and the comfort you have to have.


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