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Orthaheel Brand Spotlight


PronationAfter treating thousands of patients in his native Australia, Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli began developing the concept of targeting a specific degree of arch support and stability control that, when combined, would help relieve common foot pain in the large majority of patients that suffered from over pronation. The result was an innovative orthotic device that utilized his new idea of Tri-Planar Motion Control to provide realignment, stability and support by keeping the foot within its normal boundaries of ranges of motion.  After experiencing success in marketing his new device to the medical community, the next logical step was to introduce his new technology to the general public, and in 1991 Orthaheel was born.

Footwear was the next logical incorporation of Tri-Planar Motion Control, and as traditional flat, flimsy flip-flops were one of the most popular, and simultaneously most unhealthy types of footwear available, this seemed like a perfect initial style to work with. Although most of the first styles were sandals, Orthaheel now offers a wide variety of products that feature Dr Vasyli’s amazing realignment technology, and has grown into a worldwide brand that is sold in over 25 countries.

Several clinical studies have verified the theraputic value of Tri-Planar Motion Control, including a 52 week study verifying relief of knee pain, and a 12 week study that showed 90% of participants showed significant or total relief from heel pain symptoms after wearing orthotics that incorporate Vasyli’s Tri-Planar Motion Control technology. All this has lead to APMA approval for many of Orthaheel’s products as well as a resounding endorsement by nationally known wellness authority Dr. Andrew Weil.

Dr. Vasyli has continued to concern himself with product development and, most notably, has founded the Vasyli Think Tank to foster collaboration and cooperative thought among a leading group of health professionals specializing in the field of lower limb biomechanics. Their estimation is that more than 75% of the general population suffers from over pronation, and this group of experts is exploring ways to help people reclaim their “natural footprint” through realignment and more even distribution of their body weight on the foot’s entire surface area.