Ask The Pedorthist: Problems with Proportions

Bunions and Hammer ToesIf you have a painful bunion or hammer toe, you know how hard it is to find a closed shoe that leaves enough room for your toes without falling off your heel. This is because shoes are designed to fit an almost perfectly proportioned foot, and any type of forefoot issue throws off the proportion between the volume needed for the front of your foot and your heel. In other words, you may need the volume found in a size 10 in a particular style for the section of your foot from the ball to the end of your toes, but a size 8 for a proper heel fitting.

So, how do we compensate for this “problem of proportion”? ADJUSTABILITY! When trying to find a style that will fit you better, try to find shoes that have a strap or lace to help hold your foot in the middle rather than squeezing your toes. This also helps keep your foot from sliding forward in the shoe when there’s a little extra volume, which holds your heel back for less slipping.

For style suggestions, check out the the Waldlaufer Hindru Mary Jane, the Waldlaufer Glee Oxford, the Orthaheel Myla, and the Alegria Paloma. These are all popular styles that are great looking and have the adjustability needed for a good heel fit without cramping your toes.

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