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Take this great opportunity to experience huge savings on select models from Alegria footwear! All Alegria models feature the unique designs, patterns, and materials that their loyal customers love to wear, along with the excellent arch support and cushioning that they have grown to depend on.  Shop now, supplies are limited!

Ask The Pedorthist: Rocker Soles

The concept of having a slight rocker built onto the sole of a shoe has been a common tool used by orthopedists and podiatrist for decades to help propel the foot through the gate cycle. This helps limit the foots ability to turn in, also known as pronation, or turn out, which is known as supination. It also helps “roll” pressure of the ball of the foot where the heads of the metatarsal bones are.

Around 10 years ago, a fad started where these rocker soles stopped being thought of a strictly “theraputic” and started being marketed as “toning”. Now, after several successful lawsuits filed by clients unhappy with their results, shoes with rocker soles have fallen out of favor with more trendy stores and clients, but still have the same amazing theraputic value they always had. Just because they won’t necessarily tone your butt doesn’t mean they can’t offer some kick-butt comfort!

Here are some common foot problems that are often helped with the wear of a shoe with a mild rocker botom:

  1. Ball of Foot Pain:  Because the rocker bottom helps distribute pressure more evenly on the entire foot and helps to “roll” pressure of the ball of your foot, pain in this area is often alleviated.
  2. Pronation and Supination: Because the foot is propelled through the gate cyle ant an accelerated pace, there is less opportunity for the foot to turn in or out.
  3. Heel Pain: Because rocker soles slightly delay heel strike in the gate cycle, and more pressure is distributed onto the midfoot, heel pain from plantar faciitis, bursitis, or heel spurs is often alleviated.
  4. Bunions, Hallux Rigidus, and Arthritis: Because range of motion of the joints between the ball of your foot and toes is restricted by rocker soles, they often aleviate pain associated with joint movement.

Some examples of rocker bottoms we carry are the Waldlaufer Dynamic series, most FitFlop models, and most Alegria models.

We Now Have Socks!


The Wigwam sock line is finally here. We are Proud to offer a “Made in the U.S.A.” sock line from Wigwam. Wigwam is constantly evolving their technology to keep your toes comfortable. For 109 years they have provided customers with quality, American made socks that elevate your performance.

Men and women wanting high-tech socks for their every endeavor turn to Wigwam socks for leading innovations in fibers, fashions and styles. Already a household name for sock-wearers everywhere, Wigwam socks provide men and women with socks that are both functional and fashionable. The Wigwam sock brand incorporates unique designs with high-tech fabrics for wear during extreme conditions and for everyday.

For those of you who enjoy running roads, trails and everything in between, Wigwam socks provides the ultimate comfort.

Here Comes The Sun!


Time to get up, get out and get walking in a new pair of sandals. As any health professional will tell you, getting out there and walking as often as possible is great for your heart, joints, muscles, and general overall well being. Nothing feels better than having your toes free without sacrificing the support and cushioning needed for a great walking sandal. From the amazing arch support offered in the sandals by Vionic to the mild rocker sole of our FitFlop, Wolky and Waldlaufer walking models, Sole Provisions has great walking sandals for every foot type.

Comfortable Stretch Shoes

Are you one of many of our customers that have hard to fit feet? If so, try one of our stretchy shoes that are built to conform around your feet. Made of malleable materials such as elastic or soft mesh linings that allow for a perfect fit as the shoe forms to fit your foot.

The Leina from Arcopedico delivers ultra-soft leathers with an elastic mary jane strap that provides a great secure fit. Offering a lightweight material that will fit to any shape of foot, which means they are great for those who have bunions, hammertoes or misshaped feet.
‘The Comfi is designed with a basket-weave elastic upper featuring a peep-toe that is great even for women who have had problems with this silhouette from other brands. This lightweight, sporty mary jane features a memory foam insole and a flexible outsole that will maximize your comfort level with every step.


Travel Walker from Propet has been a worldwide best seller for its comfort and versatility. This sporty women’s walking shoe has a stretch mesh upper and elastic lacing for lightweight breathability and flexible ease.