Over 30 New Models to Choose From!

Tons of new Alegria styles have just arrived! With so many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, no wonder more and more people are becoming Alegria addicts! All models feature a stable, rocker outsole that is engineered to roll naturally, reducing heel and central metatarsal pressure. The flat bottom makes it easy to walk in while encouraging proper posture and normal gait. The removable leather insole is anatomically correct to form to the natural shape of your foot and distribute weight more evenly. In other words, as you walk comfortably, you ROCK!


Happy Earth Day!


Celebrate Earth Day with Juil Footwear. We’re giving 20% Off all Juil Footwear from April 22-23. Juil was designed to enhance your well-being. Through earthing/grounding, electrons are absorbed to neutralize and release the free radicals in our bodies. By placing copper dots in their shoes, these electrons are absorbed to cleanse your body of free radicals, just as if you were barefoot. Allowing you to stay truly connected and balanced with Juil Footwear! Slip into a pair of Juils and feel the connection that everyone is talking about.

New Taos Spring Sandals Have Arrived!



New Taos Models have arrived for Spring. The popular wedge sandal “Carousel” is now available in five new colors. New Taos additions also include the Parade, Boardwalk, and Holiday with a great wedged bottom.

Our New Taos Collection also includes two new Sandals called the Party and Hero.

Taos selection this season provides great choices for every occasion this Spring. Check out the many new styles this season before they run out!

Ask the Pedorthist : Platforms

Shoes with platform bottoms are more popular than ever, and this is a great thing for our customers! This type of sole construction allows footwear designers to construct feminine uppers and put them on a sole that provides women all the height she is looking for, but without the pitch usually caused by traditional high heels or wedges.

A normal high heeled shoe has a couple of things working against it when it comes to comfort. First, the surface area provided on the bottom of the heel is usually much narrower than a normal soled shoe. This causes instability that can lead to foot, ankle, knee, and eventually back pain. Second, because none of the height of the heel is balanced with additional height on the sole, the wearer feels every inch of pitch on the ball of her foot. If a traditional high heeled shoe is four inches high, every bit of the weight imbalance caused is transferred squarely onto the ball of the foot.

Shoes with wedges can be slightly better in that the surface area offered on the heel and arch portion of the sole provides more stability than a traditional heel. Although that increased stability is helpful, the result of the pitch is still mostly on the ball of the foot.

Platform soles help with both the instability and pitch issues. For stability, platform soles offer the same increased surface area as wedges, but the extra build up of the sole that makes it a “platform” is what really helps make the shoe more comfortable. Most platform constructions that have four inches of heel height will build up the sole two to two and a half inches. This makes the overall “pitch” of the shoe only one and a half to two inches, distributing much less weight onto the ball of the foot. The result is that the wearer gets four inches of additional height without all the extra pressure on their forefoot, and this is a very good thing for comfort!

Great models of comfortable wedges now in stock are

Vionic Vionic Dansko Wolky
Cancun Grenada Dana Jewel

Sole Provisions is Happy to Announce our Best Brand Launch yet.

Bernie Mev

Last Sunday we had our best Brand Launch yet in bringing in Bernie Mev Footwear!

Bernie Mev woven shoes artfully combine upscale styling with the latest European comfort technology. Bernie Mev specializes in the street-smart, high-style shoes that today’s fashion-minded, active women are looking for. The perfect blend of shoes that feel as good as they look! Browse our Bernie Mev collection here.

Do you have “Hard to Fit” Feet?


Propet is driven by a mission to offer quality footwear for hard-to-fit feet. Available in sizes and widths and specifically designed to address problem feet, the light weight Travel Walker collection has been a worldwide best seller for its comfort and versatility. Walking just got a whole lot easier!