Comfortable Transitional Shoes by, FitFlop, Taos and Juil from Sole Provisions

You’re staring at your shoes not knowing what to wear because the weather is just not right outside. We’ve all been there. It’s still too cold for sandals and you are tired of wearing those clunky boots. What you need is a comfortable shoe to usher in spring while keeping your feet warm during the remainder of winter.

 Taos Untold Teal The Untold ballet flat from Taos delivers ultra-soft leathers with an elastic gore to provide a great fit. Offering a flexible, durable rubber outsole for a comfortable feel all day long.


‘The Cap Toe’ from our newest brand Juil is another great choice. A classy patent leather cap toe adds pop to this lightweight ballet slip on. Featuring copper dots in the sole that helps keep your body balanced and connected with the earths surface.  Juil The Cap Toe Nude


 Fitflop Sunny Rio Pink From FitFlop we have a new fun loafer in a pallet of colors. The ‘Sunny’ is a canvas loafer that gives you the style you need and the comfort you have to have.


Stay Connected and balanced with Juil Footwear

Juil Footwear

Studies have shown that maintaining a direct connection between your body and the Earth’s surface can be beneficial to your health. In our everyday lives, we’re exposed to toxins and stress. Exposure to these stresses and toxins leads to buildup of free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals attack healthy cells and cause inflammation – the root of almost all medical ailments.

Through earthing/grounding, electrons are absorbed to neutralize and release the free radicals in our bodies. By placing copper dots in their shoes, these electrons are absorbed to cleanse your body of free radicals, just as if you were barefoot. Allowing you to stay truly connected and balanced with Juil Footwear now available at Sole Provisions!

The Jewel by Wolky is now available on Sole Provisions!

Wolky Adjustable straps in 3 places to accommodate a variety of feet, from high to low arch, medium to wide widths.
Wolky Jeans Blue Multi
  • Full grain leather hides which adds to the comfort of the model.
  • Premium removable and replaceable inlays
  • Foot bed consists of a full contoured cork layer, a full high grade memory foam layer, & a specially developed leather covering which allows for sweat absorption
  • Fashionable leathers to coordinate with any summer wardrobe
  • Model is certified & inspected by the American Podiatric medical Association (APMA) for fit, engineering and comfort
  • Polyurethane out sole that is lightweight, flexible, durable & shock absorbent
  • Contoured cork footbed with slight toe bar for foot support

Ask The Pedorthist: Hammer Toes

Hammer_Toes For those of you that have a painful rigidity in any of your toes commonly known as a “Hammer Toe”, you know that getting a good fit in a closed toe shoe can be a challenge. It seems that every time you have enough room for your toes, the heel fit is too loose, and when you get the heel to fit properly, your toes are getting cramped. This is because hammer toes cause a problem of proportion, as your forefoot now needs proportionately more room to be comfortable than your midfoot and heel. Here’s a few pointers to help you find something comfortable:
  1. Find a shoe with a High Toe Box

    The “Toe Box” refers to the part of the shoe where your toes are sitting. The “height” of the toe box refers to how much depth is built into that section of the shoe. Shoes with more depth in the toe box will give you more wiggle room in the toes. Many styles from the brands Waldlaufer and Dansko typically offer higher toe boxes.

  2. Find a shoe made with soft materials

    Although a shoe made with softer materials won’t typically last as long, it will be much more comfortable for someone with painful hammer toes. Try to find footwear that is constructed with soft, and if possible, stretchy materials so you can fit the rest of the shoe more appropriately without cramping your toes. Check out the Waldlaufer Henni (insert link here) group of shoes for some great casual styles that are made of extremely soft materials.

  3. Find shoes with elastic, straps, or laces

    As I spoke about in m yprevious post about fitting bunions properly, having a shoe with some adjustability built into it will help you provide more room for your toes while enabling you to tighten the arch and heel fitting. Shoes with straps and lace are more popular than ever now, so take advantage while they’re in style and make yourself more comfortable. You’ll find tons of models with adjustability on our site.

    As always, you can email me at if you have any specific questions.