Early Delivery of Spring 2014 Taos Models!

For all of our Taos Footwear fans, Sole Provisions has just received an early delivery of Spring 2104 models! The designers at Taos continue to impress by adding great new styles like the sleek Boardwalk sandal and the feminine Untold ballet flat. Other early additions are four new colors of the best selling Carousel sandal along with new color-ups in the classic Prize. Shop now to be one of the first to own one of these 2014 styles from Taos Footwear!

Boardwalk Untold Carousel Prize



Ask The Pedorthist: Heel Pain

One of the most common foot problems we hear about from our clients is heel pain. Whether it’s been diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, or Bursitis, it amounts to terrible discomfort when walking, standing, and even just those first few steps when getting out of bed! When heels become painful for any reason, the key reason the pain continues is because too much of your overall body weight is being distributed onto your heels instead of being spread out more evenly along the entire surface of your feet.

The fact that we are able to balance our entire body weight on the relatively tiny amount of surface area on the bottom of our feet is absolutely amazing. What enables us to do this naturally and without pain is the ability of our feet to contour to the soft surfaces like earth and sand that make up much our natural world. As our feet “sink in” to these walking surfaces, our body weight is naturally distributed on the full surface area of our feet.

Unfortunately, the flat, hard walking surfaces our modern world has created are horrible for this natural ability to have our feet contour to the ground we’re walking on. This is why footwear is such an important “interface” to help absorb shock and bring the ground up to the different arches of our feet to redistribute weight more evenly. Heel pain is one of the unfortunate signs that your footwear isn’t doing this effectively enough.

Two of our favorite brands here at Sole Provisions are Orthaheel and FitFlop because of the amazing “interfacing” footbeds both incorporate into their footwear. The strong, supportive arch built into the Orthaheel orthotic footbed helps fill the natural medial arch in our feet to distribute weight more evenly while it realigns the foot and helps control over-pronation. When the foot is kept from over-pronating, there is less “pull” on where the connective tissue in our arch, or “plantar fascia”, inserts into our heel. The combination of less pressure on the heel and less pull on the plantar fascia provides amazing relief for heel pain.

FitFlop uses a combination of great arch support and multi density cushioning to achieve the same result, along with a mild rocker sole that further enhances the more even distribution of weight. As the foot “rolls” through the gate cycle, pressure is diffused and the arch isn’t given the opportunity to pronate as severely. Countless numbers of our customers swear by the FitFlop Microwobbleboard footbed as the only shoe that has brought them relief of their foot pain.

If you are experiencing heel pain, or any other foot pain caused by poor distribution of body weight along your feet, we highly recommend giving one of these great brands a try. They’re stylish, reasonably priced, and have amazing comfort features. As tens of thousands of our customers will attest, the most frustrating foot problems can often be helped by a simple change in footwear.

Sole Provisions Company Holiday Party on December 14th


No amount of bad weather can stop the party for our company! Although there was plenty of snow and ice, the Sole Provisions team had an amazing holiday party as always. The food was great, and with an open bar and plenty of spouses around as designated drivers, what could be bad? Thank you to all of our Sole Provisions customers! We understand that without your continued loyalty great times like these don’t happen!!! From our families to yours, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and most importantly, a happy and healthy new year! Our family pictured with our 2012 and 2013 Bizrate Circle Of Excllence Awards. From left: Debi Howard : Customer Service Manager Ellen Salay : Comptroller Jay Rosa : Store Manager Jared Rueda : Warehouse Manager Alex Viola : Order Fulfillment Holden Nagelberg : Founder / President Steven Rueda : Product Manager Mark Udvadia : IT Manager┬áDan Gowrie : Order Fulfillment Brian Horn : Order Fulfillment

Boots for Winter Weather!

Winter is here, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to get yourself a a great new pair of boots! As always, our collection features the great arch support, cushioning, and stability you have come to expect from your Sole Provisions purchases. If you need a boot for walking all day, or just something to keep you warm and cozy for the winter weather, we have the perfect model. Some great features include the cozy genuine shearling in the Mukluk Moc 2 and Polar Sneaker by FitFlop, the soft leather of the Taos Bolero, and the waterproof uppers featured on the Waldlaufer Holly and Henna!

Mukluk Moc 2 by FitFlop Polar Sneaker by FitFlop Bolero by Taos Henna by Waldlaufer



Holiday Gift Ideas


The holidays are around the corner and there is still time to order. Are you a last minute shopper and have no clue what to get? Finding the right gift is easy when you shop from our handpicked Holiday Gift selection for the perfect present this year.

Our selection includes limited edition Liebeskind handbags, accessories and comfy-cozy slippers from Haflinger. If you’re lucky enough to experience the warm weather during this season you’ll find great sandals from Fitflop, Vionic and many more. Here you’ll find suggestions from our buyers for the perfect gift for your family and friends. You may even find something for yourself!

Ask The Pedorthist: Problems with Proportions

Bunions and Hammer ToesIf you have a painful bunion or hammer toe, you know how hard it is to find a closed shoe that leaves enough room for your toes without falling off your heel. This is because shoes are designed to fit an almost perfectly proportioned foot, and any type of forefoot issue throws off the proportion between the volume needed for the front of your foot and your heel. In other words, you may need the volume found in a size 10 in a particular style for the section of your foot from the ball to the end of your toes, but a size 8 for a proper heel fitting.

So, how do we compensate for this “problem of proportion”? ADJUSTABILITY! When trying to find a style that will fit you better, try to find shoes that have a strap or lace to help hold your foot in the middle rather than squeezing your toes. This also helps keep your foot from sliding forward in the shoe when there’s a little extra volume, which holds your heel back for less slipping.

For style suggestions, check out the the Waldlaufer Hindru Mary Jane, the Waldlaufer Glee Oxford, the Orthaheel Myla, and the Alegria Paloma. These are all popular styles that are great looking and have the adjustability needed for a good heel fit without cramping your toes.

Have a question for our Pedorthist? Email us at askthepedorthist@soleprovisions.com and we’ll write you back, and maybe even publish your question and our answer on one of our upcoming blog posts.

Liebeskind Handbags!


Sole Provisions has an extensive line of distinctive design bags, wallets, and accessories for every occasion from Liebeskind Berlin. Whether you’re looking for a shoulder bag for travel, a clutch for a night on the town, or just a handbag for everyday use, we’ve got you covered.

Liebeskind offers style and function in products featuring popular looks in vintage leather along with more exotic looks and feels in metallic, croc and canvas. Shop our amazing collections from Liebeskind Berlin today!

Shoulder Bags Clutches Handbags