Employee Spotlight


Warehouse Manager Jared Rueda and his exceptional team take care of shipping, receiving, and returns for Sole Provisions. Jared started working for us in 2008 shortly after our launch, so he’s been here since we were packing orders on a picnic table!. We’ve grown a lot since those days, so now with some good tunes and real packing stations (and a few dance moves in between), your orders are packed and shipped in a slightly more professional environment.

Growing up, Jared was heavily into sports and participated in many, including wrestling. His success in wrestling earned him a scholarship to Northern Illinois University, where he wrestled for two years. Starving himself for matches got old quickly, so he came back home and soon after started working with us here at Sole Provisions. In his spare time, he enjoys snowboarding, going to casinos, concerts and hanging out with friends.

Ask The Pedorthist: Heel Pain



One of the most common foot problems we hear about from our clients is heel pain. Whether it’s been diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, or Bursitis, it all amounts to terrible discomfort when walking, standing, and even just those first few steps when getting out of bed! The most common cause of all types of heel pain is having too much of your overall body weight distributed on your heels instead of being spread out more evenly along the entire surface of your feet.

The fact that we are able to balance our entire body weight on the relatively tiny amount of surface area on the bottom of our feet is absolutely amazing. What enables us to do this naturally and without pain is the ability of our feet to contour to the soft surfaces like earth and sand that make up much our natural world. As our feet “sink in” to these walking surfaces, our body weight is naturally distributed on the full surface area of our feet.

Unfortunately, the flat, hard walking surfaces our modern world has created are horrible for this natural ability to have our feet contour to the ground we’re walking on. This is why footwear is such an important “interface” to help absorb shock and bring the ground up to the different arches of our feet to redistribute weight more evenly. Heel pain is one of the unfortunate signs that your footwear isn’t doing this effectively enough.

Two of our favorite brands here at Sole Provisions are Orthaheel and FitFlop because of the amazing “interfacing” footbeds both incorporate into their footwear. The strong, supportive arch built into the Orthaheel orthotic footbed helps fill the natural medial arch in our feet to distribute weight more evenly while it realigns the foot and helps control over-pronation. When the foot is kept from over-pronating, there is less “pull” on where the connective tissue in our arch, or “plantar fascia”, inserts into our heel. The combination of less pressure on the heel and less pull on the plantar fascia provides amazing relief for heel pain.

FitFlop uses a combination of great arch support and multi density cushioning to achieve the same result, along with a mild rocker sole that further enhances the more even distribution of weight. As the foot “rolls” through the gate cycle, pressure is diffused and the arch isn’t given the opportunity to pronate as severely. Countless numbers of our customers swear by the FitFlop Microwobbleboard footbed as the only shoe that has brought them relief of their foot pain.

If you are experiencing heel pain, or any other foot pain caused by poor distribution of body weight along your feet, we highly recommend giving one of these great brands a try. They’re stylish, reasonably priced, and have amazing comfort features. As tens of thousands of our customers will attest, the most frustrating foot problems can often be helped by a simple change in footwear.

To check out our selection of shoe models that help with Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain and Heel Spurs, click here.